At Temur Architecture, we do the work upfront to eliminate surprises along the way. Completing a project on time and on budget requires a well planned project and delivering on that plan. We concentrate on the details and work efficiently to enhance your experience with our team. We view each of our projects as a personal partnership and do everything in our power to make our relationships valuable for our clients.

The value of the trusting relationship is more important than adding another dollar to the bottom line. We only work with the most reliable, and highest quality contractors. We earn the trust all of our partners which enables us to ensure mutually beneficial results. Our goal is to create a business that endures; built on a foundation of happy customers along the way.

We are committed to building stories and relationships. Not just constructions.



It is not enough to create a project by providing only aesthetic values or ergonomic conditions. The project should also have qualities that will provide the expected financial benefit to the client. For instance, if you are designing a touristic city hotel, you should be able to answer the question ‘What sets us apart?’

It is possible to create designs that are interactive, that elicit an emotional response in the visitor, and that are able to offer a successful marketing argument. Temur Architecture never loses sight of these requirements and builds all of its projects around them.

Through these and other projects detailed in our web site we are experienced with building materials and systems, sustainability techniques and construction administration on complex projects.

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