Founded in 2005 by Architect Gürkan Temur, Temur Architecture develops and implements original designs with its experienced team. Understands the needs of institutions, filters with an innovative perspective and provides appropriate service.
Temur Architecture handles and develops a total design approach. While creating the space, it considers the dynamics of the areas served as an important input and aims to generate sectoral arguments. Thus, the investments reach the result in the most effective and faster way.


TEMUR provides architectural, interior design and contracting services in many areas such as hotels, offices and shops.


TEMUR analysis

Research and analysis is the first step of the project. All conditions and facts related to the natural and built environment are investigated and information regarding corporate identity is collected. All the data and information obtained are combined with the specified criteria and presented.

TEMUR designs

A correctly build design process is the most important stage in the creation of space. For TEMUR, design begins with concepts and story, then evolves to space by combining analysis and other inputs. Design decisions are reflected as an integrated presentation including 3D visuals, texts, and reference images.

TEMUR documents the project

For Temur, the project is not just a concept. All project documentation, from presentation to license documents, application and tender packages, are edited and produced.

TEMUR contracts

Contracting is the final phase of TEMUR's holistic design approach. TEMUR realizes all the organization needed for the best implementation of the project. Selects the appropriate material, finds the production teams and ensures the implementation of the project with the highest quality workmanship and on time. Supervises the teams during the production within the framework of time, quality and criteria. Thus, the targeted result is achieved in a timely and perfect manner.

TEMUR coordinates

Temur acts with the awareness of the cruciality of the communication and coordination due to the structure and working approach of the company which can take all the design and contracting responsibilities. By mastering all the up to date requirements and tools of coordination, endeavors to achieve the targets with minimum errors.

TEMUR serves globally

Being aware of the unification trend of the world in the age of information and communication, TEMUR aims to serve on a global level. Realizes and coordinates projects in Turkish, English and French languages.